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A future voter is a "hit" at my Meet & Greet on May 9

This little guy, sporting a “Geiger for Judge” pin enjoyed the party last night. I think he upstaged me!



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Join me for the Call for a Cure MS Walk on Sunday April 7

MS Walk at Shawnee

Jane Gagliardo has a compelling story about her battle with an employer who discriminated against her because she had MS. Her story was described in a book by Sherry Blackman entitled “Call to Witness.” It currently has 39 5-star reviews on Amazon and includes a description of her federal court trial before Judge Kane.

Having been in front of Judge Kane many times, Jane’s story immediately picqued my interest and I quickly ordered a copy of the book.

I met Jane this past weekend at a criminal law symposium and she mentioned to me that she had signed my nominating petition and told me about her story and her battle in the federal court system.

This coming weekend (April 7), she is sponsoring a 5k walk at Shawnee called “5k Walk for a Cure.” A portion of the proceeds benefit the Tisch MS Research Center of NY.

After the walk, Author Sherry Blackman will be a guest speaker and there is a BBQ and auction. It’s a worthwhile event and I hope everyone will join me this Sunday.


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Smithfields Restaurant Week at CC of the Poconos

Restaurant Week

I enjoyed some great food last night with my family at the Restaurant Week event sponsored by Smithfield and Middle Smithfield Townships and the MST Economic Development Committee.

There was a packed house at the Whispering Pines Banquet Hall at Country Club of the Poconos that included a DJ, wine tasting by Blue Ridge Winery and beer tasting from Shawnee Craft Brewery. The Pocono Photo Club also had an exhibit.

I didn’t realize there were so many great restaurants in our area. I’ll have to check out some of those restaurants when my campaign is over.

Check out the list at


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Criminal Justice Reform In PA: Navigating the Path Forward

Forum at East Stroudsburg University on March 30, 2019

I attended an interesting discussion on Saturday afternoon on criminal justice reform in Pennsylvania.

Given the enormous cost of housing so many inmates in our Pennsylvania prisons, there is now bipartisan support for reforms.

Did you know?

The cost of housing inmates in Pennsylvania is staggering. One of the panelists from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections reported that the cost to Pennsylvania taxpayers of housing prisoners in State Correctional facilities is $2.4 billion annually.  The U.S. now houses 25% of the global prison population. With the growing opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania, many of our prisons and County jails must treat non-violent opioid addicted addicts and those with mental health issues and prisons are often ill-equipped to treat these inmates.

In Pennsylvania, the cost of housing an inmate is approximately $42,000 per year.

Clearly, there are offenders whom we are forced to incarcerate but much of the reforms are prompted in part by the opioid epidemic that is not just a Pennsylvania problem but a growing nationwide concern.

Clean Slate Law

The panelists also spoke about Pennsylvania’s new “Clean Slate Law,” the first phase of which went into effect in December 2018.

Under this law, anyone who has been convicted of a lower-level, nonviolent misdemeanor and who has stayed out of trouble for at least a decade, can ask the court to seal his record from public view.

Additionally, it allows for automatic sealing of records for second-or third-degree misdemeanors if the offender’s sentence was less than 2 years and he’s stayed “clean” for 10 years. It also provides for automatic sealing if a person was charged but not convicted.

As a judicial candidate, I am very much interested in this topic. However, every Pennsylvania citizen should be equally interested since we are all paying an exorbitant cost towards financing our criminal justice system.




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