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Presentation on Stereotypes

Next Monday, I will be part of a panel discussion on “Diffusion of Stereotypes.” The event is open to the public and I hope you will join me for what I hope will be a lively discussion.

We will be discussing real-life experiences, and how to respond appropriately, to a violation of rights with regard to racism, sexism and other discriminatory behaviors in the work place and learning institutions. 

Monroe County United asked me to participate given my experience in federal civil rights cases.

I have been a federal civil rights litigator for 35 years, a federal and state court mediator and a frequent lecturer on federal constitutional law.


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Presentation on Cyberbullying in our Public Schools


(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Cyberbullying and your first amendment rights the topic of a program at a local college.

       A discussion was held at East Stroudsburg University about off-campus online free speech rights.

       Gerard Geiger is a Civil Rights Attorney from Stroudsburg with 30 years of Constitutional Law under his belt. 

       He spoke about how bullying has changed over the years from in school to behind a tablet, phone or computer. 

       He spoke about first amendment rights and whether a university or college can punish a student if they target a student or faculty member online even if it's off campus

"Even though the U.S. Supreme court hasn't ruled on this.  Off-campus speech can be regulated by the school.  The question is whether they have the interest in doing so and whether that's the obligation of the parents" Said Attorney Geiger

     About 50 people attended the discussion.   

     It was hosted by the East Stroudsburg  American Democracy project.


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The limits to Free Speech on Campus


I had an engaging discussion with ESU students on April 9, 2019 about the 1st Amendment rights of public school students. We debated whether schools have a legal and/or a moral obligation to discipline cyberbullies for off-campus speech.

It was alot of fun and I was even interviewed by Channel 16 news. Thanks to Dr. Chris Brooks for the invitation!

The event was hosted by the American Democracy Project.


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