Presentation on Stereotypes

Next Monday, I will be part of a panel discussion on “Diffusion of Stereotypes.” The event is open to the public and I hope you will join me for what I hope will be a lively discussion.

We will be discussing real-life experiences, and how to respond appropriately, to a violation of rights with regard to racism, sexism and other discriminatory behaviors in the work place and learning institutions. 

Monroe County United asked me to participate given my experience in federal civil rights cases.

I have been a federal civil rights litigator for 35 years, a federal and state court mediator and a frequent lecturer on federal constitutional law.


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Kudos to my Webmaster

Thanks, Emily

Fortunately for my campaign, my daughter, Emily, was home on spring break to help me finalize my website.

Since my website would not have gone live without her help, I thought it only appropriate that my first blog post thank her for her technical expertise. Thanks, Emily!

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a tech geek, having taken courses in HTML, Python and JavaScript. However, I’m apparently deficient in those millenial skills that help make a website go live.

Let me add that a good judge is one who knows when he doesn’t have all the answers and acknowledges it. Knowledge is critical but judgment is most important.

I hope you’ll follow this blog page because it is my intention to post what I hope are interesting articles on my experiences campaigning for judge, why I think that a judge election is probably the most important choice a voter will have, plus a mix of interesting stories and experiences I have on the campaign trail.


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Rostock Endorsdement

Thank you, Diane and Paul Rostock, for the nice letter of endorsement in the Pocono Record:

“Jerry Geiger, a family friend for more than 20 years, demonstrates his passion and commitment for our community through service. He gave countless hours to nonprofit organizations, such as Pocono Arts Council and Eastern Monroe County Public Library. He distinguished himself professionally as former president of the Monroe County Bar Association. As former president of the Pocono Youth Orchestra, working beside him we saw firsthand his passion for what he does.

We are even more eager to cast our vote for Jerry Geiger after reading accolades from fellow attorneys that attest to his career accomplishments, experience, drive and love for our community. Please consider Jerry Geiger’s record of more than 25 years serving Monroe County and consider casting your vote for him, as well.

Paul and Diane Rostock, Stroudsburg


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Lisa Hochmuth Endorsement

Thanks, Lisa, for the nice letter to the editor in this Saturday's Pocono Record. I appreciate your support!

"I have known Jerry Geiger for 25 years. I am a legal assistant at Newman Williams, the law firm in which he is a shareholder. Jerry has always been a fair and kind employer. In speaking with Jerry over the years his love and dedication for his family, law practice and community is very apparent. He has served on many organizations and committees, and his exuberance in working for our community is apparent when he discusses a current endeavor.

Jerry has earned the respect and support of his co-workers at Newman Williams, his peers and those he has worked tireless hours with on the Pocono Youth Orchestra and Monroe Public Library to name two. Jerry’s dedication, honesty, ethical ability and kindness truly make him the best candidate for the 7th judge seat for Monroe County. Please join me in casting your vote for Jerry.

Lisa Hochmuth, Mount Pocono"


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Attorney Westervelt Endorsement

Thanks, George, for this flattering endorsement in Saturday's Pocono Record:

Westervelt Endorsement

"On May 21, Monroe County voters will vote on who will fill the newly created trial judge seat. Both candidates are honest, nice men.

One candidate has extensive trial experience, not only in Monroe County, but in state and federal courts throughout eastern Pennsylvania. Jerry Geiger has tried cases on behalf of individuals, municipalities and Monroe County. Recently, Jerry successfully defended Hamilton Township’s short-term rental ordinance all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Monroe County residents need a new judge who can use his years of trial experience to hit the ground running. Jerry will not need on the job training.

The May election is nonpartisan; whether you are a registered Democrat or Republican, you can vote for Jerry. Of all the lawyers in Monroe County, I cannot think of a better choice than Jerry Geiger to fill our newly created judgeship.

George W. Westervelt Jr., Stroudsburg"


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