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Apps in Law Podcast

The Techno-Judge:

I'm featured on a National Podcast called "Apps in Law"! I hope you'll listen!


I've always been passionate about how technology can help lawyers practice better and at reduced cost to our clients. I hope to use my knowledge of technology to streamline the management of our County court cases, which will save the County money.

Before I retire, I anticipate trials with virtual reality views of evidence. When lawyers file briefs, I want hyperlinks to their case citations and with embedded videos of evidence. This is not futuristic. I've already submitted such filings in federal court.

I'd love for Monroe County to be the leader in cutting edge technology and, if elected judge, will do my best to make that happen.


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Thank You NAACP for your Invitation to Speak

Thanks to the Monroe County NAACP, its President, Tom Jones, and the board, for the invitation to speak at their meeting on April 20, 2019 at the Hughes Library.

Informed voters make better decisions.

It was a great opportunity to get my message out to the public that the right judge can make a huge difference in providing a level playing field for those faced with coming to court.

No one faced with having to appear in court should be afraid that they will be treated unfairly because of the color of their skin, the God they pray to, or the person whom they choose to marry.

I do believe that the right judge can make a huge difference to those who are rarely happy about appearing in our court system. I believe I am the best candidate to make that happen and I ask for your support.

Thanks, Tom, and the NAACP!



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It's been a Busy Week So Far

I’ve been trying my best to meet as many voters as possible before the primary.

On Tuesday, I attended, at Smuggler’s Cove in Tannersville, a “Meet & Greet” with Congressman Matt Cartwright. I sat at a table with Republicans and Democrats and had a great discussion with Matt about issues in Washington, including health care, infrastructure plans and other issues.

I’m a member of the Advisory Committee for the U.S. Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Matt rotated off the board just as I joined it.

I also had a nice breakfast discussion with the Kiwanis at Perkins on Wednesday about my efforts in creating the mediation program for the Monroe County Courts and the opioid problem in the County and how it affects the jail, which I represent.

On Wednesday night, I had a nice discussion with the Fraternal Order of Police about my trial experience and my vision for our local courts.

As I write this, I’m heading off to teach a citizenship class at the Hughes Library. I’ll be teaching prospective citizens about the U.S. Constitution. I’ve been promised an engaging class and look forward to our discussion.

More news to follow!



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Attorney Geiger featured in "American Democracy Project" Presentation at ESU



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Monroe United Presentation at East Stroudsburg University

Monroe United Presentation on “Diffusion of Stereotypes

On March 25, 2019, I was part of a panel discussion sponsored by Monroe United on “Diffusion of Stereotypes” at Beers Lecture Hall on the campus of East Stroudsburg University.

The program featured presentations by me and two other panelists and then it was opened for discussion with the audience.

The event was well attended with an engaging and well-informed audience. It was a great event and I only wished we had more time to explore the issues further.



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