Kudos to my Webmaster

Kudos to my Webmaster

Thanks, Emily

Fortunately for my campaign, my daughter, Emily, was home on spring break to help me finalize my website.

Since my website would not have gone live without her help, I thought it only appropriate that my first blog post thank her for her technical expertise. Thanks, Emily!

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a tech geek, having taken courses in HTML, Python and JavaScript. However, I’m apparently deficient in those millenial skills that help make a website go live.

Let me add that a good judge is one who knows when he doesn’t have all the answers and acknowledges it. Knowledge is critical but judgment is most important.

I hope you’ll follow this blog page because it is my intention to post what I hope are interesting articles on my experiences campaigning for judge, why I think that a judge election is probably the most important choice a voter will have, plus a mix of interesting stories and experiences I have on the campaign trail.

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