Join me for the Call for a Cure MS Walk on Sunday April 7

Join me for the Call for a Cure MS Walk on Sunday April 7

MS Walk at Shawnee

Jane Gagliardo has a compelling story about her battle with an employer who discriminated against her because she had MS. Her story was described in a book by Sherry Blackman entitled “Call to Witness.” It currently has 39 5-star reviews on Amazon and includes a description of her federal court trial before Judge Kane.

Having been in front of Judge Kane many times, Jane’s story immediately picqued my interest and I quickly ordered a copy of the book.

I met Jane this past weekend at a criminal law symposium and she mentioned to me that she had signed my nominating petition and told me about her story and her battle in the federal court system.

This coming weekend (April 7), she is sponsoring a 5k walk at Shawnee called “5k Walk for a Cure.” A portion of the proceeds benefit the Tisch MS Research Center of NY.

After the walk, Author Sherry Blackman will be a guest speaker and there is a BBQ and auction. It’s a worthwhile event and I hope everyone will join me this Sunday.

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