Joe & Marie Snyder Endorsement

Joe & Marie Snyder Endorsement

Marie & Joe Snyder endorsement--

I appreciate the endorsement from Marie & Joe Snyder in this weekend's Pocono Record. Note that when the Snyders said they would "write in support" of my candidacy, the letter was inaccurately titled "Write-in Jerry Geiger for judge." I'm on the ballot in the first position for County judge so "writing in" my name will be unnecessary. Thanks, Snyders, for your support!


"We are pleased to write in support of Monroe Country candidate for judge, Gerard “Jerry” Geiger, Esq. We have had the privilege of working with Jerry on the board of directors for the Pocono Youth Orchestra for seven of the eight years he served as president.

Through leadership and the utmost dedication to creating a thriving and prosperous orchestra, Jerry facilitated a professional working environment that allowed the board members to carry out the mission of generating financial support and establishing sponsorships. Jerry often had to consider many unique ideas and circumstances, but always applied a fair-minded solution to address any obstacles that were encountered.

We wholeheartedly believe Jerry’s legal experience, integrity, compassion, patience and dedication thoroughly prepares him for the demands of the next judge of Monroe County.

Marie and Joseph Snyder, Saylorsburg"

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