Attorney Vince Rubino Endorsement

Attorney Vince Rubino Endorsement

Vince Rubino Endorsement: Geiger has fought for your neighborhood--

Thanks, Vince, for the nice endorsement in this weekend's Pocono Record:

"Fairness. Honesty. Integrity. These are the words ordinarily used by candidates running for judge. They claim to be fair, honest and have integrity, and while these are certainly qualities you would expect a judge to possess, they alone are hardly sufficient to qualify to serve as an arbiter of complex legal disputes in Monroe County.

In addition, the position requires an attorney who has litigated extensively in courts across the commonwealth. That attorney is Jerry Geiger, who has dedicated his career to seeking justice in Monroe County, including defending taxpayers from frivolous lawsuits filed by criminals. Just this past month, Jerry won a case in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania which will protect our residential neighborhoods from being saturated with unwanted short-term vacation rentals.

On May 21, please vote to elect Jerry Geiger judge for the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas.

Vincent Rubino, Stroudsburg"

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